My works


Mrteriandwhat: A egocentrical game made with Python and Pygame. It's simple, use the direction keys to move me to avoid the anvils and touch the cats. Press escape anytime to close the game.

SFML PhysFS: A little module to use PhysFS with SFML. It's written in C++.

Free To Fall: A frenetic game written in C++ and lua.

PLEASE, PROTECT ME!! ...FOR CASH...: A game written in C++, Lua and Allegro5. It should work on Windows and Linux.

Legend of Dungeon: A rogue-like GBC Zelda based game. It's abandoned.

Muntantris: A mutant Tetris. *nix users requires to install the AVbin package.

EWR: A 3D arcade game where you have to defend Earth from asteroids. The same package has executable for linux32, linux64 and win32

A Bad Night: Arcade game focused on Android mobiles devices. It uses libGDX.

Universal Law: Arcade game mainly for Android tablets devices. It uses libGDX.


BANGameEngine: A lua scripted game engine written in C++ that uses SFML and physfs (the SFML PhysFS comes from this project)..

lunatic-chipmunk: A Chipmunk physics port to Lua.

Metal Cheese Maniacs: Arcade game written in Java and libGDX. Is a desktop game.

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